The Fellowship Primer

Compiled and Edited by Grace de Rond

About the Fellowship Primer

The Fellowship Primer is a collection of excerpts from the Work Readings of the Paul Solomon Source, just as the Source gave them, without commentary. The Work Readings were conducted between 1972 and 1994, specifically to provide operational and inspirational guidance to the Fellowship of the Inner Light Centers around the world. Topics include Paul Solomon’s personal story, the purpose of the Fellowship, the Fellowship Church and the act of worship, the purpose and operation of the Fellowship Centers, the course developed by Paul Solomon called Inner Light Consciousness,™ the School of the Prophets, the role of spiritual communities, and the appropriate response to Earth changes. The Work Readings are also rich in general guidance that can be helpful to all individuals interested in personal growth.

“Let it be known about you that in this place, in this teeming mass of humanity that is this city [Virginia Beach], there is a spot of warmth and light, a gathering of people who care enough to have time to pray and create a receptive place in which the presence of the Christ might live and dwell. These Readings form a banquet for which the world is starving. You who know of them have opportunities to take these messages as scraps of food to feed the masses. They are not intended to become dogma, or teachings, or tokens of memorial to a particular man or idea. They are given that they might become a stimulus to awaken the consciousness of the Inner Light within mankind. Seek to know as much as can be taken from these records. Then share that with others. These messages have never been for the consciousness of a single individual. Each time these lips have been allowed to speak, there has been the attempt to give wealth that all men might share. Let him who recognizes the need be the carrier of the message that will satisfy the need.”

—Paul Solomon Source Reading #561
April 9, 1975

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