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Susan Thomas

Susan Thomas is a minister of the Fellowship of the Inner Light who worked closely with our founder Paul Solomon since the Fellowship moved here from Atlanta in the early 1970s.

Susan is a certified Inner Light Consciousness™ facilitator, having worked directly with Paul Solomon and his wife Sharon for many years.

She often contributes to our music ministry, having been a professional violinist in the Virginia Symphony for fourteen years.

She is also an extraordinary vocalist, and teaches violin, viola, cello, piano, and voice (although since many of her students are gifted or otherwise special children, the music teaching, profoundly spiritual though it is, belies a much deeper ministry).

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Chris Van Cleave

Beginning his singer/songwriting career with Paramount Records, in the group “Meadow” which included Laura Branigan, Chris Van Cleave has written hundreds of songs in many genres, created the scores for three musicals, and independently produced eight albums. He has opened for Kansas, Poco, Eric Burdon, Leon Russell, and Buckwheat Zydeco, and has performed across the United States (including Hawai‘i), the Virgin Islands, Great Britain, Norway, Canada, and The Netherlands.

Chris’s music has been described as “food for the soul,” and an “infinite palette of colors.” Drawing from a myriad of influences including melodic rock, jazz, blues, reggae, country, and folk, he laughingly calls it “eclectic.”

Chris has been writing songs for over thirty years and many now seem prophetic. With the major upheavals that are happening in the world, resulting in the challenges within each of our lives, he is frequently told that his songs help encourage, bring joy, and “serve as a healing balm” to the listener. The avid “punner” will enjoy his tongue-in-cheek use of lyrics, and many stand alone as insightful poetry.

Along with his unique style of acoustic guitar playing—blending syncopated rhythms, intricate finger picking, and various open tunings—Chris has a rich and melodic voice that slides easily from bass to tenor.

As an actor, Chris starred in national tours of Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar, played leading roles in Les Miserables and Chess in London West End theatres, and has been featured in numerous American regional productions.

Professional accomplishments aside, Chris’s concerts are personal, heart connecting events, where great music, insightful lyrics, audience participation, and a journey through shared life experiences inspire us to move forward as individuals and at One with each other.


Spotlight on...

Cheryl Bernath

Cheryl Baer-Bernath has a background as a professional singer and musician and has traveled extensively throughout the United States. Cheryl has been lecturing on Dreams and Reincarnation for over twenty years.

We’re always glad when she shares her musical talents to help raise the vibrations of Love and Light at the Fellowship and on this planet!

Cheryl has been a friend, mentor, fellow sojourner, and teacher here in Virginia Beach for many years. She has blessed us many times with her wonderful music.

In 1991, Cheryl moved from Buffalo, New York to Virginia Beach to follow an avid interest in the Edgar Cayce material that led her directly to A.R.E. Headquarters where she has worked in just about every department!

She laughingly says that a typical morning in her house invariably begins with a lively discussion of the dreams of the previous night—and lots of journaling!

Cheryl has been keeping a daily journal of her spiritual journey and dreams since 1980. She has combined her practical understanding and application of her experiences into a number of intriguing and inspiring workshops.

She has been featured on various radio programs including A.R.E.’s own Reflections Radio, and is a contributing author for Venture Inward magazine. Cheryl is also a Certified Hypnotherapist who has studied with pioneers in Past Life Regression such as Delores Cannon, Roger Woolger, and John Amoroso.

Do You Have Musical Talent?

Nora the Piano Cat

Our music ministry is always looking for talent available to provide music for our Sunday Joy in Worship Service.

For more information, see our Music Minister Bruce Shelton.