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Paul Solomon
Our Founder, Paul Solomon

Yes, we’re doing it again!...

Virtual Fellowship Family Gathering 2021!

And this year’s theme is...

Invisible Connections
The Power of Unconditional Love

Our intrepid Virginia Beach Fellowship Family has concocted a cyber-meeting of the minds and hearts. You’re invited!!!

Cut off from in-person contact, we have discovered how to reach out across the world creating one-on-one invisible connections. We have learned to use technology to create bonds of etheric friendships, sharing knowledge and caring in an instant across the air waves—from Houston to London, from Virginia Beach to Tokyo, from Amsterdam to Melbourne. We have contacted people we have not seen in forty years and met new people who have now become close friends. It makes one wonder what energies we share as we reach across the world.

The Paul Solomon readings say:

“There is a great power in science and technology, and such knowledge should be considered a sacred trust... There is a momentum growing toward discovering the process of the building of atomic structure which provides energy through its growth... This change of consciousness in the scientific pursuit on your planet would be the change of consciousness of mankind in a greater direction. Not only would you discover forms of available energy, you would change people’s basic way of thinking itself—all over the planet.”

As we send our energy through the airwaves, is everyone in between touched by our love? Can our contact through the air between us heal relationships? Can we literally transform even the environment by reaching across continents?

In our 2021 Fellowship Family Gathering, we will explore the Unseen and the ever-present power of Love. The Paul Solomon Source says, “The greatest single accomplishment that any man or woman can make on this planet is lifting their own consciousness to understand that simple truth that makes us free—that the power of Love is greater than the power of fear.”

“Zoom in” the weekend of May 15 and 16 with us and make Invisible Connections through Love Online.

“The Fellowship of the Inner Light... is the collective of all of those in whom the Light within has been awakened and who, because of that awakening, have fellowship with one another... those who actually, in practice, extend mutual support, fellowship, assistance, interaction, a strong and interdependent network between one another.”

—From the Paul Solomon Source Readings

This Gathering will again be an opportunity to experience miracles—healings and great insights—into our own lives and growth in every possible aspect of human potential and experience, all explored in the teachings of Paul Solomon and in the talks and teachings of our wonderful speakers. It will also be a time of remembrance of special times in our lives when we have experienced The Power of Unconditional Love.

And perhaps most of all, as Paul so often expressed, this Gathering will be a time of community, friendship, love, learning, and growth for self and others, bringing us closer in our own personal relationship with the Source of our Being.

Please Register for the Gathering...

Register directly on Zoom!

We’re asking everyone who plans to attend Virtual Gathering 2021 to register on Zoom in advance.

The email address you provide on the Zoom registration page will be used to send the invitation link for the Zoom Gathering sessions.

It may also be used to send any ongoing advisories from the Gathering Committee, including tips for using the Zoom interface.

You may attend the entire Gathering, or only a few sessions of your choice.

We also plan to record all sessions and make them available after the Gathering.

The sooner you register, the sooner we’ll know whom to expect, and the sooner we can begin interacting with you.

Zoom Registration

The Zoom session will start at 10:30 Eastern Time on both days to give everyone time to log in, and to use the Chat Rooms if they wish.

A Gathering Promotional Video...

Featuring Sharon Solomon

Watch this video describing Fellowship Family Virtual Gathering 2021, Invisible Connections: The Power of Unconditional Love, featuring Sharon Solomon, and created by Stephen Poplin.

Gathering Video

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The Gathering schedule...

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Gathering Schedule
Introducing Our
Gathering Speakers
Gathering Speakers

Enjoy our Photo Galleries...

To help get you in the mood

Some of our photographers have agreed to share their images from prior Gatherings, Homecomings, and other Fellowship events.

You’re invited to visit the various photo galleries below.

Photos may be shared within the Fellowship community.

Many of the photos are very large, and some have imperfect cropping. A few are even upside-down!

Feel free to download these images and modify them as you like. We’ll improve them as time permits.

And to complete the Circle of Love...

Please Donate Generously
To the Fellowship

We have made all events of the Virtual Fellowship Family Gathering available by love donation. We want you to participate in the Gathering regardless of your financial situation.

We are suggesting you make a love donation of $125 (USD) for the two-day virtual event.

If you can give more, please do. If this is too much for your budget, please give as much as you can.

The Fellowship is a church which depends upon your donations for its operating expenses. We hope you will enjoy this year’s Virtual Fellowship Family Gathering, and that it will contribute to your life and growth.

And remember, you can’t out-give God. Whatever you give will come back to you in many ways—in abundance, finances, joy, supportive relationships, and especially through the Power of Unconditional Love.

We thank you for donating as much as you can to the Fellowship!

Ways to donate:

You can donate online using the PayPal™ donation page:

Or you can mail a check (cheque) to:

Fellowship of the Inner Light,
620 14th Street,
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
United States

We thank you for donating as much as you can to the Fellowship!

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