Readings by Brian Berry

Brian Berry is a long-time Fellowship minister who worked closely with our founder, Paul Solomon, and spent several years on the road as an Inner Light Consciousness™ guide.

Brian Berry with Fans in Bangkok

Seven Terrace Readings

One of the teachings of Inner Light Consciousness™ is that we all have the ability to access deeper parts of ourself that can obtain information from the Source of All That Is.

Brian Berry has occasionally given such readings on behalf of the Fellowship for various purposes.

One such reading was given in January of 2016 on the question of “How can we best do our part to bring peace in this time?”

Another was given in May of 2016 on these questions: “What is the current state of our planet? Of what should we be mindful as we go forward as Sons and Daughters of the Light, awake, and wanting to be attuned to that which is true, and possible, and that which is best for all sentient creatures on this planet?”

These readings may be downloaded here (Word doc format).